What size storage unit will I need?

Self Storage Questions

There are multiple size options available but, choosing which size will suit you best is not always easy. A 5x10 unit is about the size of a walk in closet, this size will hold a couple pieces of medium sized furniture and 10-15 medium/ large size boxes. The next size up would be a 10x10, these units are about the size of your average bedroom. A 10x10 would be able to hold some appliances, about 20 boxes, and some mattresses. 10x15 units are able to hold up to an average 1000sqft home furnishings. A 10x20 unit is around the size of 2-3 average bedrooms and can hold item and appliances for a 1500sqft home, or a few items and a smaller car. A 10x30 is the size of an average 2-3 bedroom household, this size would be able to hold many boxes/ furnishings, and appliances. It could also store a vehicle along with other items you might need to store! ...

Hanna Mooose
August 24th, 2023

Too many storage facilities, so little time...

Self Storage Questions

According to REALTOR magazine, the demand for self storage took a huge leap during the pandemic and instigated business owners to acquire and/or build more facilities. You literally can drive 5 miles, just about anywhere, and pass 3-5 self storage facilites. So how do you choose which one is the appropriate property to store your precious belongings? All conveniently located in Mooresville North Carolina, KC Mini Storage at 111 Alexander Acres , Port City Self Storage at 126 Haney Dr and Affordable Storage Mooresville at 928 Oakridge Farm Hwy can offer all of the following amenities: Customer service is key, so choose the facility that has staff on the property. Many facility owners have chosen to run their properties remotely, allowing for incidents to go unnoticed for long periods of time. Besides, a knowledgable representative makes for an easier decision. Keypad entry and camera surveillance are important aspects to consider. Safety is key. Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Pest control and maintenance of the property provides for a clean facilty, and clean units to store your items in. Always check the reviews! The internet allows for customers to share their opinions on any business. What better way to know before you buy? Many facilities engage in online rentals, allowing the consumer to rent from the comfort of their device. Read the small print in your lease - access hours, administrative fees, and protection plans can all be added on regulations. Renting a storage unit can buffer many different circumstances, but choosing the right facility for you requires a bit of research. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Self Storage Becoming a Booming Business Commercial & Investment Real Estate, Industrial & Warehouse 📷© Benjamin Rondel - The Image Bank / Getty Images The self-storage industry is seeing rapid growth as a result of the pandemic spurring more people to reorganize their homes, to find extra space as they work from home, and to move to the suburbs or move in with more family members.Thirty-eight percent of Americans ...

Kim Sze
April 7th, 2023

Protection Plan Benefits

Protection Plans

Recently, our storage complex partnered with Safelease, a Protection Plan program for tenants' belongings. Why is it important to protect your belongings? Unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people's stuff. Acts of nature, pesky critters, even people's cruel intentions can all harm the contents of a storage unit. Sure, homeowner's or renter's insurance would most likely cover any of these occurences,; however, a large deductible is probably involved and then a rate hike to follow. All on the website of Safelease, are frequently asked questions, ease of filing a claim and should you choose not to use their plan, a place to insert your proof of coverage; visit www.privatepolicy.com. A policy has been created for you, so please be sure to contact your local facility with any questions. We care about your belongings. ...

Kim Sze
January 16th, 2023

Climate vs. Non Climate Controlled Storage Units

Self Storage Questions

Choosing the size and type of self storage you will store your precious belongings in can be tricky. Once the size of your potential storage unit is determined, the next most important factor is whether or not the storage unit you’re pursuing should be climate controlled. Climate-controlled storage units can offer advantages for certain types of belongings. You may be fine storing a delicate item in a non-climate-controlled storage unit if it is only for a short period of time and you are not expecting extreme temperatures. Climate controlled self storage maintains the temperature and humidity of the unit. Our self storage consultants can help to determine how much space you will need, and can advise on what items should be stored in a climate controlled unit. Some recommendations would be: antiques, heirlooms art or musical instruments important documents, pictures medical supplies plastic, wax or vinyl items ...

Kim Sze
November 3rd, 2022