Climate vs. Non Climate Controlled Storage Units

Self Storage Questions

Kim Sze
November 3rd, 2022

Choosing the size and type of self storage you will store your precious belongings in can be tricky. Once the size of your potential storage unit is determined, the next most important factor is whether or not the storage unit you’re pursuing should be climate controlled. Climate-controlled storage units can offer advantages for certain types of belongings. You may be fine storing a delicate item in a non-climate-controlled storage unit if it is only for a short period of time and you are not expecting extreme temperatures. Climate controlled self storage maintains the temperature and humidity of the unit. Our self storage consultants can help to determine how much space you will need, and can advise on what items should be stored in a climate controlled unit. Some recommendations would be:
antiques, heirlooms art or musical instruments
important documents, pictures medical supplies
plastic, wax or vinyl items delicate furniture and furnishings
electronics fabrics

As the temperature begins to cool here in North Carolina, a non climate controlled unit should be sufficient to protect your belongings. It is always recommended that your items be covered with breathable, protective coverings. Feel free to post a specific question here on our website, or reach out to speak with us directly.