Protection Plan Benefits

Protection Plans

Kim Sze
January 16th, 2023

Recently, our storage complex partnered with Safelease, a Protection Plan program for tenants' belongings. Why is it important to protect your belongings?
Unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people's stuff. Acts of nature, pesky critters, even people's cruel intentions can all harm the contents of a storage unit.
Sure, homeowner's or renter's insurance would most likely cover any of these occurences,; however, a large deductible is probably involved and then a rate hike to follow.
All on the website of Safelease, are frequently asked questions, ease of filing a claim and should you choose not to use their plan, a place to insert your proof of coverage; visit A policy has been created for you, so please be sure to contact your local facility with any questions. We care about your belongings.