What size storage unit will I need?

Self Storage Questions

Hanna Mooose
August 24th, 2023

There are multiple size options available but, choosing which size will suit you best is not always easy. A 5x10 unit is about the size of a walk in closet, this size will hold a couple pieces of medium sized furniture and 10-15 medium/ large size boxes. The next size up would be a 10x10, these units are about the size of your average bedroom. A 10x10 would be able to hold some appliances, about 20 boxes, and some mattresses. 10x15 units are able to hold up to an average 1000sqft home furnishings. A 10x20 unit is around the size of 2-3 average bedrooms and can hold item and appliances for a 1500sqft home, or a few items and a smaller car. A 10x30 is the size of an average 2-3 bedroom household, this size would be able to hold many boxes/ furnishings, and appliances. It could also store a vehicle along with other items you might need to store!